At Auri Elan, there are no conflicts of interest imposed by the constraints of proprietary products, investment banking relationships or other activities that may be inconsistent with your needs. 

Auri Elan thoroughly analyzes the Research Reports provided and selects those investments best suited to your unique financial situation.  Auri Elan believes it is important to take a holistic approach to financial planning and aims to manage all aspects of our client’s financial situation. Auri Elan provides clients customized advice on Investment Planning (including Theme-Based Investment Strategies), Retirement Planning, Education Planning, Insurance Planning, Estate Planning and etc. If necessary, we will consult with our trusted affiliates including local CPA firms and attorneys and coordinate with our clients’ other financial and estate professionals to develop and implement integrated strategies.  Please be sure that we always put interest of our clients ahead of anything else.

At Auri Elan, we are committed to provide our clients ample personal attention and exceptional service.  Unlike many other wealth management firms, we do not have an absolute minimum in Dollars to decide whether you are qualified to be a client. Instead, we value trust, loyalty, and responsibility a lot more.  We highly recommend clients to reach a household portfolio of $250,000 or more in one year. 

Please call or email us for a Complimentary Portfolio Review, we will both know when we are a fit to each other.  We greatly appreciate the opportunity to show you how Auri Elan will make a difference in your finance and life.   

Prioritize Objectives

We work with you to articulate the goals that you find most meaningful. For example, you may place the highest priority on passing wealth to your children in a manner that communicates your family values and allows your children to thrive. Or, you may value gaining access to holistic investment opportunities while knowing that your broader family wealth planning goals will be met.  We examine the multiple wealth planning issues involved in your financial life to determine whether any of your articulated objectives compete with one another. Managing and prioritizing competing objectives is an essential part of the work we do. 

Integrated Strategies

As a new client, you may come to us with highly-competent attorneys, accountants, even investment and insurance professionals already engaged. We will make sure that all of the advisors working with you are working as a coordinated team to develop integrated strategies aligned with your objectives.

Focusing on the Interactions

It is crucial to deal with the interactions between financial issues. For example, decisions about your investment strategy may affect your cash flow, taxable income, insurance, and estate planning requirements. While your specialty advisors are all critical components of the team, we are uniquely positioned to advise you about all of these interactions. 

Financial Confidence

Our ultimate goal is to create confidence for you by anticipating your needs, developing contingency plans to deal with uncertainty, keeping risk exposures within limits that are acceptable to you, minimizing taxes, and helping you to work toward achieving your overall financial objectives