1. What are the founding principles and mission of Auri Elan Financial Group?  

Auri Elan was founded on the principles of Expertise, Loyalty, Independence, Tenacity, and Enthusiasm (ELITE).  The mission of Auri Elan is to help our clients achieve their financial goals and dreams by providing sound objective advice, exceptional personal service, and high quality suitable investments and insurance while working diligently in their best interests at all times.  

2. Do Auri Elan and the logo have any meaning?  

Yes.  Richard Suder’s ethnicity is Daur.  In Daur language, “Auri” means “mountain” and Richard’s son is named Auri; “Elan” means “sunlight” and Richard’s daughter is named Elan.  So, “Auri Elan” means “Mountain Light”. It is also the name of a female hero (heroine) in Daur’s history.  In the symbol, green square represents mountain; red circle represents sun, formed by fusing 4 quarter-circles representing Expertise, Loyalty,  Independence, and Tenacity with Enthusiasm.  In Chinese culture, a circle and a sqaure (as in Ancient Chinese Coins) is also related to money.    

3. Is my money safe?  

Auri Elan offers securities through LPL Financial, which is a member of FINRA/SIPCAt LPL Financial, Your Account Carries $100 Million CoverageLPL Financial is a member firm of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). LPL Financial’s SIPC membership provides account protection up to a maximum of $500,000 per customer, of which $100,000 may be in cash (How SIPC Protects You?). Additionally, through Lloyds of London, LPL Financial accounts have additional securities coverage of $99.5 million per customer, subject to a $500 million aggregate firm limit.    

4. What is the minimum to become a client of Auri Elan Financial Group?  

At Auri Elan, we are committed to provide our clients ample personal attention and exceptional service.  Unlike many other wealth management firms, we do not have an absolute minimum in Dollars to decide whether you are qualified to be a client. Instead, we value trust, loyalty, and responsibility a lot more.  We highly recommend clients to reach a household portfolio of $250,000 or more in one year. Please call us at 617-329-1185 or email for a complimentary portfolio review, we will both know when we are a fit to each other. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to show you how Auri Elan Financial will make a difference in your finance and life.    

5. What is Auri Elan’s fee structure?  

Auri Elan offers clients a hybrid model to pay for services most cost-effectively:

(1) “Commission Based” where buy-and-hold clients pay based on transactions;

(2) “Fee Based” where active clients pay based on asset under management.

Clients can select commission-based, fee-based, or a combination of the two based on their objectives, risk tolerance, time horizons, investment styles and etc.  

6. Do you prepare tax returns? 

We do not prepare income tax returns. We focus on tax planning and we coordinate with our clients’ CPAs to ensure that our clients’ tax strategies are integrated with the rest of their wealth planning. 

7. How does Auri Elan work with other advisors?

We strive to complement, not replace, our clients’ other advisors. Wealth planning cuts across the boundaries of accounting, tax planning, law, investments and insurance. Sometimes the best way to deal with a complex issue is to gather together all of the advisors who deal with any aspect of the issue so that they can develop joint recommendations and coordinate their efforts.

In all cases, our objective is to help our clients get more value out of their relationships with their other advisors.

8. What value does Auri Elan add if I already have a tax advisor, money manager, and attorney?

We are trained to deal with complex interactions among wealth planning issues. For example, a decision to refinance personal or business debt might affect a client’s tax situation, estate plan, cash flow, investment strategy, and life and disability insurance. We are strategically positioned to deal with these interactions because of our holistic approach and our position at the center of clients’ financial situations.

One way to think about our approach is to ask yourself the following question: “When was the last time my corporate attorney, personal attorney, accountant, investment advisor, and insurance agent met as a team with me to talk about how they could all work together to help me meet my personal and business financial objectives?”  

9. What would be Auri Elan’s approach if I joined as a new client?

Our objectives would be:  

  • To design and implement comprehensive financial strategies that will address all of your financial objectives.
  • To help you strive for continuous improvement of your financial situation.
  • To provide you with timely identification of opportunities and to identify problems before they become acute.
  • To coordinate the activities of all of your other advisors.

We would begin by developing a detailed understanding of your personal objectives, and by doing a comprehensive analysis of your current financial situation. We identify potential issues and planning opportunities. Then we use our knowledge of your personal objectives to suggest solutions to problems and to help you to zero in on opportunities.
We help our clients to prioritize and focus list of issues identified through our initial analysis. We use project management tools to keep track of tasks and to coordinate our own work and work being done by our clients’ other advisors.  

10.  Are you a multi-family office (MFO)?

Yes. We provide high net worth clients with an alternative to the cost and complexity of setting up their own family office.  

11. As a satisfied client, what is the highest compliment that I can give to Auri Elan?  

At Auri Elan, we strive to make each and every client a happy client.  The highest compliment you can give us is the referral of your family, friends and business associates.