Theme-Based Investment

One of the best ways to pursue your unique financial goals is to align your investment strategy with your vision for the future and feelings about risk, savings and wealth. 
 Model Wealth Portfolios can help you realize your goals through a unique asset management strategy that provides a disciplined investment process backed by expert resources all orchestrated by us on your behalf.  
 This strategy addresses your needs through a series of theme-based models focused on your goals and lifestyle.  Whether you are building, preserving or transferring wealth, Model Wealth Portfolios can help you align your goals with an investment strategy focused on your future.


Available with all investment objectives



Diversified portfolios leverage the mutual fund recommendations of LPL Financial Research with the goal of generating a more consistent excess return profile relative to the LPL Financial blended benchmarks.

Tax Aware


Tax Aware portfolios seek excess return with a secondary goal of minimizing the impact of taxes. LPL Financial Research looks opportunistically at investments that have significant tax-loss carry forwards.

The portfolios are made up of investments that explicitly pursue a tax aware strategy or have historically shown a penchant for minimizing realized taxes.

Income Focused 


In addition to seeking excess return, the Income Focused portfolios will have a secondary goal of generating significantly higher overall yields than the LPL Financial blended benchmarks.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)


Socially Responsible Investing portfolios seek excess return while utilizing socially responsible investments.

  • Portfolios are made up of funds that are classified as socially responsible by either Morningstar or the mutual fund’s prospectus.
  • The mutual funds selected for these portfolios are likely to adhere to differing sets of social objectivesor constraints. Because of the limited universe of mutual fund choices, there is no ability to specify social criteria.
Available only on complementary investment objectives
Alpha Focused 
Alpha Focused portfolios seek higher excess return relative to the LPL Financial blended benchmarks; however, LPL Financial Research expects the portfolios to do so with higher overall volatility.
Downside Risk Aware


Downside Risk Aware portfolios seek to outperform their benchmarks especially in down markets by lowering overall volatility.